Concept Feedback

General feedback was that my idea was suited to the theme of identity, though I do need to develop or plan the website layout.

Some new ideas I can incorporate:

  • Photos of people that look like animals or vice versa.
  • Photos of people combined with animals
  • Use of a search tool within the site, that returns specific animals/people for viewing.
  • More interesting layout, such as:

– a map of the world that sets out animals by habitat/continent.

– mapping the animals on a 2 dimensional scale along with human counterparts.

  • A feature where users choose which animal a famous person is most similar too, then the overall results are shown to see if they agree with the majority.


~ by davewallis on September 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Concept Feedback”

  1. OK I can see a good start to something here. You need to source your own fotos either from your camera or from Creative Commons image sources.
    I feel also you could explore the idea of Identity more…. are we human animals? You are made of the same matter as a certain animals. Or are a product of our imaginations?
    Maybe consider why are making the connection between animal – human.

  2. “mapping the animals on a 2 dimensional scale along with human counterparts” Not sure I know what u mean Dave. Can you do a mockup? I think the reason for humans resembling animals is a subtle one – that I think we’re drawn to others that look a bit like ourselves.

  3. Dave .. you are lacking posts and thus lacking project development

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