Online Art Post – 2nd research entry

The website i have chosen to write about is the animal logic site. The reason, is that i believe that certain aspects of the site fall into each category of discussion; online art, online gallery & online project.

At its most basic level, this website was probably created as a form of gallery, as a way to display the quality of work that they produce to prospective clients. To this end it serves its purpose well, with an easy to navigate interface and and intuitive layout.

At a secondary level, this site also has qualities that would qualify it as online art. The reason for this is that the layout itself tends to become the art it is displaying in itself.

As can be seen in the image here, the specific artwork being displayed becomes the theme for the current background of the site. As far as the purpose of a standard website goes, i believe these aspects qualify it to stand on its own as an artwork.

The final aspect is regarding online projects. I believe this site can fall into this category based on the fact that the collection of work displayed is a culmination of thousands of hours of work put in by a team of talented artists and designers, that is continually contributed to.

I think that predominant category this site falls into is online gallery, yet it has the potential to be in any category, depending on the perspective of the viewer.


~ by davewallis on October 29, 2010.

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